DIY RUGS just to suit your DECOR....

Rugs can be prohibitively expensive, and it’s often difficult to find one with the perfect colors for your room. So why not make your own? There are a ton of easy DIY rug ideas floating around the internet… and I’m going to share few of my favorites with you today. Here goes!

1. Unused T-Shirt:

One of my biggest concern is to how should i use all the left out tees of me and my husband and going through internet,I got this IDEA which is just the best and supremely easy to help me out..
A very easy project which requires just some leftover T-shirts and your kids at work. I turned this out as one of my Sunday project with my kid. My work was to strip down the fabric and others just had to wave the strips the way they like into the net.

Also this was the cheapest rugs i was able to make within few hours.

2. Rope Rug:

Once again one of the easiest way to make it all DIY and admire your creativity is the idea to come up with something  like this. It just requires Hard Glue and lengths of rope.


3. Pebbles Rug:

Now,I must tell you this is one of the coolest rugs i have ever seen,rugs of such kind are easy to make and also the touch and feel of this kind of rugs is one of the rarest. These rugs are so much in trend now. Easy to make and looks beyond your expectation.  


The basic requirement of the materials used is easily available in any of the local shop. You must have an old floor rug and the pebbles can be bought from any pet shop where they sell it as turtle pond stone or aquarium stone. And then a silicon glue will do it all. the best place to keep this is in your bathroom. The best acupressure rug you can ever have so cheap.

4. Cork Rug:
For all those who are in love with alcohol and want a vintage look to your area or rooms,can easily apply this technique and get one of the best results of your creativity. DON'T FORGET TO BOIL THE CORK BEFORE USE.





  1. That rope rug looks super cute!I might have to add that to my project list.

  2. Oh my gosh! These are all genius!! I really love the rope & cork rug! Such cool ideas!

    -Madi xo |

  3. These are very cool ideas. All looks easy to make and must try if, better said, when you have the material on hand...and who doesn't have old shirts at home?
    Or like me who likes to collect rocks. I can easily make 3 pebble rugs out of my collection. Of I go DIY some rugs. Thanks!

  4. I love this article. I'm more of a DIY lover myself. That unused t mat and the cork mat are my favorites. Something Id really love make ✨

  5. These are some really great idea!! Thank you for the inspiration! I love DIY!