Effective ways to make your lifestyle blog stand out in CROWDED NICHE

If you’re blogging in a popular niche like health, wellness, fitness, DIY, finance, tech, design, photography, blogging (insert any other popular topic here), the truth is you need a game plan to make your blog stand out.

You can’t simply publish the same types of posts and cover the same topics as everyone else and expect to see results.

1. Know What Makes You Unique

If there are hundreds or thousands of other bloggers publishing content on the same topics as your blog, it's critical that you take a unique angle or approach.
What is it about you that makes your blog different from all the others?
If your blog isn’t different, unique, or special in some way, it probably won't make a strong enough impression on first-time visitors.
The people visiting your blog likely visit several other blogs in your niche as well.
If yours feels like “just another blog”, readers aren't likely to latch on to it and keep coming back.
In order for your blog to be successful over the long term, you'll need to be able to develop a loyal base of readers that truly care about the content that you publish.
One of the best ways to grow a loyal audience is to know what makes you (and your blog) unique, and then make that obvious to your visitors as well.

2. Build Your Network

One of the most important, and often overlooked, factors in blogging success is networking.
Every successful blogger is well connected to other bloggers and influential people in their niche.
Of course, having a successful blog makes it much easier to build a network, but many successful bloggers reached success because they prioritized networking from the start.
There are several different ways bloggers can benefit from a strong network, including:
  1. Guest post opportunities
  2. Social media shares that lead to traffic and new readers
  3. Links from other blogs and websites
  4. Opportunities for interviews and podcast appearances
  5. Promotion of your products and product launches
  6. Opportunities to promote other people’s products as an affiliate
  7. Testimonials for your blog, product, or service

3. Don't Rely on Other Blogs for Content Ideas

Every blogger needs ideas for new content.
Most bloggers turn to other blogs when they’re looking for ideas.
This can involve browsing other blogs or checking Pinterest boards to see what topics you could write about.
The problem with this approach is that you will only be covering the same topics as every other blogger in your niche.
It’s a lot easier to stand out from the crowd if you write some posts on subjects that nobody else is writing about, or if you at least take a unique approach or stance on a topic that others are covering.
This doesn’t mean that you can’t write about some of the same topics that other blogs in your niche are covering or that all of your articles have to focus on totally new ideas.
But at least some of your articles should feel fresh even to visitors that have already read countless articles on other blogs in your niche.

4. Don't Try to Be Everywhere

When you’re trying to establish a blog and grow your audience, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is deciding how to use your time.
No matter how much time you have to work on your blog it will never be enough to get everything done.
Your blogging tasks will include writing and publishing your blog content, working on the design and layout of your blog, managing your social media profiles, growing your email list and staying in touch with your subscribers, leaving comments on other blogs, responding to comments on your own posts, possibly writing guest posts to be published at other blogs, and more.
If you try to do everything and try to be everywhere you’re likely to wind up spinning your wheels and not making much progress.
Instead, try focusing your time in a few specific areas.

5. Have Patience

I’ve been blogging full-time for 10 years now and one of the most common mistakes I see is bloggers giving up to soon.
Blogging can be a great way to make money, but it takes time, effort, and patience.
You can’t give up because you’re not seeing results right away.
While there are a few rare blogs that have risen to popularity very quickly, they are the minority.
Most successful blogs took time to grow.
It often takes a year or more before you really start to see results with your blog, especially if it’s your first blog.
In my opinion, it’s important to set out with a long-term focus, and this is especially important if you’re in a crowded niche.

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