Express IT...If you Feel IT...


Yes, very true and being a lifestyle blogger I have come to understand the power of EXPRESSION in words. Though not very major but yeah, expressing oneself does gives a different perspective to our daily routine lifestyle.

Express it whenever you feel it or whenever you think you want to, don't keep your words or feelings struggling to reach out of the walls of your brain. Expressing in a defined way for anything is correct,i don't understand why people have stopped themselves from praising  someone's achievement or mentoring someones wrong.

We all like to hear kind words when we struggle hard. Using frequent positive communication is not only going to build the wall of affection but also removing the gap of miscommunication. Both praise and correction are necessary but I believe the more the former,the more is the love.

In this season of love...
I would request people to express your 
Affection      Love           Respect        Gratitude        Happiness
to the ones whom they feel for.

1. Start it with your parents and children,express your thankfulness to them this V-Day

2. Go along thank your best friends and friends this season.

3. Continue your expression to your loved ones.

4. Extend your heartfelt thanks to your mentors and guides this week.

5. And most importantly,lean back for a minute and thank the almighty for whatever you are.

Apply these general praises to specific activities, behaviors and accomplishments:
1. I appreciate it so much when you…
2. You were very brave to do that.
3. You are really improving at…
4. It’s OK. We all make mistakes.
5. Thank you for…
6. You made a good decision.
7. Being your mom makes me happy.
8. You worked really hard on that!
9. You are very good at…
10. What do you think about…?
11. You handled that very well.
12. I forgive you for…
13. Now you’re getting the hang of it!
14. You are an excellent helper.
15. That’s your best effort yet!
16. You really used your imagination on that project.
17. Have a terrific day!
18. I trust you.
19. I am proud of you for doing your best.
20. Your efforts are paying off.
21. You mean so much to me.
22. That was so kind of you!
23. You figured it out!
24. I can tell you’ve been practicing.
25. You could really help me with this.
26. You are a good friend to…
27. Good thinking!
28. I love you.

But don’t overdo it

So this season of LOVE....Express IT,,,If you Feel IT....


  1. I love this so much! Such an important thing to remember!

  2. Beautiful post. Building up others is so important in our world now. Bring on the positive.

  3. I love this post. The praise phrases are so useful!