The Kind of Beauty That Matters Most....

The INNER BEAUTY that includes the confident eyes to take care of the family, the courageous will to give birth ,the firm posture even while bleeding few days continuously,the stubborn look for any evil and most importantly the fiery rage when somebody tries to dismantle her valuables.

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In the world,where almost everybody is drooling on the words like GORGEOUS, BEHOLDING , ETHEREAL,,,,and many more ,the people with the most beautiful heart and lessened outer beauty are making real an effort to match the pace with this BEAUTY BEHOLDING WORLD.

PEOPLE are drawn to those who they consider to be attractive. But what really makes you attractive? After all, there are limits to what you can safely do to alter inherited characteristics. Furthermore, physical beauty is transitory, as no one today can escape the deteriorating effects of aging and sickness. Is there another kind of beauty that is more important, lasting, and attainable?

I am really thoughtful why people today are afraid of ageing in the right way and at the right time. At the end,we all know that each phase of life has its own dignity and preciousness and we should all embrace it with the perfection. This brings me to the point that when the world is passing away to get the perfect nose,eyes,lips,ears,hands,,,,,,,(a long list),does anyone ponders upon INNER BEAUTY.
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Can one of this inner beauty attract others?A friend of mine, who has been married for nearly ten years, says: “Throughout the years, I have been drawn to my husband because of his honesty and sincerity toward me. The most important thing in his life is to please God. This has contributed to his being considerate and loving. He takes me into account in his decisions and makes me feel appreciated. I know that he really loves me.”

Another friend of mine, who was married in 2008, says: “My wife is beautiful to me. Not only am I physically attracted to her but her personality makes me love her even more. She always thinks about other people and takes an interest in making them feel good. She has valuable family qualities. This has made it pleasant for me to be with her.”
In this superficial world, we need to see past the surface. We need to see that achieving the “ideal” look is difficult​—if not impossible—​and of very limited value. Yet, developing desirable qualities that contribute to true inner beauty is possible. 

 “Charm may be false, and prettiness may be vain; but the woman that believes in herself is the one that procures praise for herself"

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 Truly, such inner beauty is far more important than physical beauty. And it is within the reach of all.


  1. Great, inspiring post. You are so right. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is so true. The older I get the more I see the beauty in people or lack of. It's important to have people who are beautiful on the inside in our lives.

  3. Beautiful post! I believe it doesn’t matter how beautiful a person looks on the outside, if he didn’t have a good heart he’s still ugly! All that matters is what’s inside ❤️
    So inspiring 😊

  4. I love this. It really boosted my mood for the day!

  5. To all the ladies who liked it....KUDOS to OUR INNER BEAUTY...we are and we will always be the most beautiful soul..

  6. What a perfectly beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you so much for sharing this sentiment!