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Technology Is Controlling Our Lives

 Can you go a week without technology?

 Technology Can Get In The Way I remember many times in the past when my Husband and I would talk about how dependent we are on technology. There were countless arguments we had about how much time we were spending on our phones and tablets. Yet, we would be ignoring each other when we were trying to spend quality time together. We both have dramatically improved when it comes to being present in the moment. Nowadays, I try to keep my phone away from me if I am with my Fiancee. I want to enjoy our experiences together. The phone doesn’t need to be a part of that experience. I use my smartphone and my laptop to do research for each of my blog posts. I also use both of these items as tools to help me type up each post. I spend a lot of time on my phone and laptop researching other business ideas and concepts I am working on too. I love technology but often times I have had to force myself to unplug from it.
By doing this, I can focus on my relationships with my friends, family and fiance. It is something I have had to stay cognizant of. I have had to work on being present in the moment and not letting technology suck me in.

Technology Can Make Your Life A Lot Easier

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Amazon’s Alexa can control your home atmosphere.
You can do pretty much anything you would like to on your smartphone.
You can learn about anything by asking Google.

Netflix can keep you entertained for hours on end.

We have made amazing advancements in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.

At what point does it all end though?
Technology makes our lives easier but it can severely hinder us as well. It can intrude on our relationships and it can even lower our cognitive reasoning skills and other life skills that are important to have. Also, it can negatively impact our health too. For example, look at the child obesity rate America is facing. A big reason these kids are overweight is because they prefer to play video games and eat junk food rather than being outside and playing.

Could You Go A Week Without Technology?

  • What if you didn’t have your smartphone for a week?
    What if you didn’t have your laptop or tablet for a week?
  • What would a week without technology be like for you?
  • How would it make you feel?
  • Could you go a week without watching any television?
  • Does the thought of having to do any of this make you feel sick or extremely uncomfortable?


Technology is a wonderful thing. I personally love it and I use technology often to try to better my life. Utilizing technology helps me achieve different goals I have set for myself.
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