Art Of Living....

Art of living is itself a vast area for me to ponder on but still in today's world where everybody has lost their passion of living the life and instead are only busy in  breathing in and out the life,I thought to make everybody rethink the way they are leading their lives. Art of life is something which reminds me the quote of H. Murray "I used to think that the worst thing in life is to end up all alone but later understood that the worst thing in life is to be with people who make you feel all alone"
A work of art is something admired and looked for; it is special and unique; it requires a skill and inspiration; it exists inside of creation and appreciation. What if we were to apply this high standard to living our lives?
When people think of their dream lives, they imagine a set of perfect circumstances, things that they want to have and how great they will then feel about all of it. This is no life, it is just a fantasy. Real life, on the other hand, guarantees a mix of auspicious and unfavorable circumstances, good luck and events not going according to a plan, as well as won and lost opportunities.

So instead of chasing a “dream life” of the future, why not live the life that is a work of art now?

And whether you are (and I am) taking out garbage or putting kids to sleep, driving to work or star gazing, writing an email to the boss or making love, doing laundry or sky-diving, meditating or grieving a loss, chewing food or walking the dog, arguing on a political topic or picking hair out of the bathtub, opening a door or waiting in line — how to live your life as a work of art — both as a challenge and an opportunity — is right in front of us.



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