A journey from being a TECH ENGINEER to being a TEACHER...

Today sharing this journey of my own life brings back a bunch of memories filled with love,stress,hope..etc..etc.

To start i would like to clip a thought that ONE SHOULD BELIEVE IN THEIR DREAMS AND TRY TO PURSUE IT...Running behind your dream may be difficult at times but this is really going to give immense happiness and contentment. This story is my own life phase where i tried to switch my job between two very different areas.
It is just a year before when i was working with a renowned IT firm of GURGAON and was well designated at the position of  Executive Assistant Engineer,it was surely a result of my grads in the field of technology with Computer Science as my main stream. i began with the job in September,2016 and carried the proud passion(which i thought was) of software development till March,2017 after which i had to leave the job as i was shifting to USA with my husband. everything till now was OK with CSE as my area of interest. When i arrived to this whole new country,i saw people running after their dreams,now here came a big question in front of me...WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PASSION AND DREAMS???....theoretically i was  minimal but deep in my heart i understood that COMPUTERS is not my dream :(....then what is it which i can consider as my dream...its very common that watching a painter one always thinks that its just the Painting Canvas Kit which is keeping me away from making an excellent piece of art and same happened with me. My thoughtful clouds started wandering between arts.........dance.......music......instrumental......technology....Math.....English....Hindi...etc,etc,etc...and suddenly i stumbled on the stone of teaching which i considered for a while as my passion or dream or something where i thought least effort is required.

it did took some time fro me to make sure that teaching can go along my principles but it did started drooling with me the idea of teaching in a classroom and teaching my different tactics to learn things and all. It took 6 months  to make sure that yes i can teach. Now within next two moths i had to be back to my country where in i had full preparation of teaching and pursuing this as my career. I did it,after facing bunch of interviews and questions like WHY TEACHING AFTER TECHNOLOGY..i made my way in a school institute with my first day and first lecture. Somewhere i always thought that its only software development which takes difficulties at its par,rest everything in the world is easiest and with the same thought i made my way among the kids and started my first lecture full of confidence and knowledge(as per me).

It was not more than half an hour in the class where i understood it very clearly that every profession has its own technicality and edges which everyone of us respect. That was the day when i understood that yes teaching is one of my dreams and i can follow it because at the end of the day i had a contentment in my heart that i did something which reflect my personality,i did something today which was not against my motto of life and very importantly i realized that though very small but i did make an effort to change the tomorrow which is coming.
And there on i now feel that half of the nation has somewhere or something been taught by me. THAT'S THE POWER OF EVERYONE'S DREAM.

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  1. I love and appreciate how beautifully you have brought down your journey here. This definitely is an inspiration.